Stern Millionaire


The "Stern Millionaire" is composed of 150 to 160 premium roses and can be customized with an, "I lOVE YOU", initials, or date. When money is not an object Millionaire is the perfect go to gift for a loved one or a special ocasion. 

The original “long life stern roses” are the most luxurious roses in the market. Preserved at their prime state through a natural formula developed in the south of France the roses achieve a lifetime of over three years. The Stern roses are available in over 15 colors that glow with elegance and grace. Available for MIAMI LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY!

  • 150 to 160 5-6cm Stern roses are included in the arrangement. 
  • Complimentary personalized message written in our customized stationery.
  • Complimentary gift wrapping with purchase.

*Measures 10x11x36 inches 

*Please note that the gold roses are extremely delicate and might be prone to damage when being shipped and color changes over time.